Social Innovation is… in The Melting Pot

On Thursday of last week, representing SSSC, I joined a group of people from the world of Scottish Government, NHS, Social Work, Social Enterprise and private social organisations, at The Melting Pot, for a day of conversation and activity around the question: How can we put social innovation to work for the people of Scotland? … Continue reading Social Innovation is… in The Melting Pot

Why I am not a Service Designer

At the best of times it can be a challenge explaining to people what you do. But when they already have a perception of what you do..?! I've been a designer for a long time. A Graphic Designer. To many I will probably be a Graphic Designer until the day... well, you get the idea. … Continue reading Why I am not a Service Designer

Dementia Diary meet Memory Box

I Met with Memory Box originator Scott Downie this week. It was after tweeting progress of a workshop at Alzheimer's Scotland a few weeks ago that I received a message from Scott informing me of Memory Box and that we should talk. My workshop was focussed on Dementia Diary, an idea formulated through the Scottish … Continue reading Dementia Diary meet Memory Box

The New Start

On Monday of this past week I started work at the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC is responsible for registering people who work in social services and regulating their education and training) as Communication and Engagement Designer. Good title, eh?! In practice it means that I will have a hand in a variety of communications using … Continue reading The New Start

Putting the ‘Social’ into ‘Care’

The project above published by Dan Slee on his blog today is an extremely powerful example of how Social Media (in this case Twitter) can be used to serve communities and individuals and there understanding of lives that often go unseen.

It’s extremely relevant in the light of this case from Lincoln Crown Court yesterday.

I’ve written previously about a case similar to Slee’s (post awaiting approval) where a carer of someone suffering with end stage Cancer documented the day-to-day life of her and her husband using the photosharing app Instagram (Users of Instagram can find more information by following @dissipating on Instagram).
When, sadly, the husband died earlier this year the story didn’t end. The images continue and now document the struggle of dealing with loss.

It occured to me that Service Designers create fake scenarios and personas all the time to better understand the journeys and issues of users. While a real story, as reported on Slee’s Blog, is probably the best and most powerful example, perhaps in areas where a specific case cannot be used or found, then surely our fake ones could be used to similar effect. After all, Personas and Scenarios as used by Designers are composites of many lives indicative of the problems we aim to tackle.

In this instance they (Walsal Comms Team) used Twitter, ‘Dissipating‘ used Instagram and it strikes me that AudioBoo would be another excellent tool…

But, enough from me… here’s Dan Slee!

Dan Slee

Sometimes a press release just isn’t enough to tell a story. Living day-to-day as a carer can be tough. To give a flavour of just how tough Walsall Council comms team members Tina Faulkner and Becky Robinson live tweeted four hours to show – with sensitivity – how dementia affects the life of one couple Sheila and Ron. You can follow it here and you can also read their story here. But this one powerful story is just part of a wider drive to highlight often unseen work carried out in social care in Walsall. Tina explains the background to the innovative campaign which uses a mix of old and new media: 

If I could wear a t-shirt that best describes how I feel about work right now it would bear the slogan “I heart Social Care”.

I can see some of you now, exchanging a knowing look with…

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