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In early 2009 Jon established SuperFly a creative platform, for artists and designers of all disciplines, founded on two key criteria:
1.    No submission fees
2.    No traditional gallery spaces
In Sept 2009, having gathered in over 150 submissions from almost 70 artists, 7 pieces were chosen, each having 5 posters across the City of Dundee. SuperFly utilised Dundee’s legal fly-posting system.
In January 2010 Jon was approached to collaborate with Glasgow creative collective Central Station who were organising a pop-up event in Dundee. Consequently he curated an exhibition of 5 Dundee artists and street poster sites were used this time as both the  exhibition and for advertising for the event with great success.


Towards the end of 2010 SuperFly collaborated with local illustrator Tartan Baffies for SuperDoodle, a small scale exhibition of 1inch badges. The challenge was to adapt a character from the Dingbat font set and make something interesting.
In between their have been collaborations with Vox Populus, IceCreamArchitects and the Dundee Science Festival. SuperFly is also the banner under which Jon has put together his QR Code related projects.

SuperFly Flyer

Jon/SuperFly is constantly on the look out for future projects and opportunities so get in touch if you think SuperFly is for you!

You can visit SuperFly at: