Mystery Box

What’s in the box..?


Mystery Box is a prototype put together by Jon for his final Masters show.

The inspiration is the classic wooden toy but with a digital twist…

So, what’s in the Box? Well, it’s a puzzle within a puzzle. The box contains 9 blocks that when assembled correctly form a scanable QR Code (a guide is printed on the bottom of the box). Scan the code and discover content personal to you. How? The QR Codes are content managed in exactly the same way as our games system codes. The purchaser has access to a basic CMS interface which allows them to point the QR code to anywhere on the web. Redirect the QR as many times as you like, or point it at something you update regularly anyway, Flickr, Facebook, etc and the Mystery Box becomes the gift that keeps on giving!

So who would want one? Well, here’s an idea. Fathers day – Dad gets a cool desk toy as well as a link to the latest family online album. Birthday – Mom gets a custom painted box from the kids and a link to the latest family video that dad put online. Conferences – they’d make great conference gifts which link to the sponsors chosen content or video of the best bits of the event… in any event they’re a classic looking memento with a tech spin…

And they have a cool logo!

See more about the production process here, on my Masters blog.