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Between March and May of 2012, on Friday afternoons, I have been ‘digital advisor’ to a class of Primary Twos at Balmullo Primary in Fife. We set out to install a QR Code Safari around the village, a treasure hunt kind of a trail where the treasure is knowledge and education! The theme was ‘Old Balmullo’ – what was it like to live and work in Balmullo 100 years ago and how has the past shaped what we know and love about the village..?


The children learned about the village through storytelling, looking at old pictures and comparing them to present day Balmullo, they spoke to the community and their families. Now they are giving something back.

All of the information that they gathered has now been ‘hidden in plain sight’ around the village. We have installed 12 small black and white barcodes called QR Codes (Quick Response). These digital mystery boxes contain information about Balmullo’s past, crafts, celebrities and old traditions.

QR Codes can be scanned using mobile devices such as phones that have cameras and internet access (brands such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung, etc or operating systems such as iOSX, Android, Windows, ). A visit to your phones App Store or a quick Google will reveal the QR Reader for your phone.

so, 10 QR Codes, 25 children and 40 outcomes from the Curriculum for Excellence and the job was complete…

Join in…
At the bottom of this page you’ll find a link to the Balmullo QR Safari Map but if you would like to know more about how the children designed the Safari please follow this link which will collate all of the Balmullo Safari blog posts. (be aware that they will appear ‘most recent’ post first, so you get the story back to front)

Have fun on the Safari and if you have any comments feel free to enter them in the box below or contact the school directly.

Here’s the map – Balmullo QR Code Safari Map

Happy hunting!

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