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QR (quick response) codes were born out of engineering and have, for some time, been used in various marketing and advertising campaigns hoping to catch-a-lift on the successful rise of the smartphone bandwagon.

It’s fair to say that it’s been a luke-warm reception, however, there are plenty of very, very cool QR Code projects out there and it seems that the humble QR may be around for a while.

Into the mix Jon Gill presents a selection of QR code related projects under the banner of “QReativity” (pronounced ‘creativity’). His use of QR codes has been for projects designed for  Education, Advertising and Tourism. From small, traditional looking wooden toys to city wide treasure hunts and permanent installations, Jon has squeezed more than his share of life out of these ‘mystery boxes’ and he’s not done yet!

Visit the ‘projects’ link for information on several ‘QReative’ projects… however, if you have a new idea you would like Jon to tackle then send him a message via the ‘contact‘ page!

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