BMEDay2 is coming!

Wednesday 29th February is going to be special for something other than it only comes around every four years!

The challenge is to document your day in three images using Instagram.
Publish your images with the title ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’, respectively.
Most importantly (so that I can find them all), hashtag your images with #BMEday2. Watch the story unfold on Instagram, Twitter or on my blog via the magic of Storify.
We won’t see the 29 February again until 2016 so commemorate it with #BMEday2!

The last BMEday took place on Saturday 13 August. It’s always tricky knowing which day to hold these events but we’ve done a weekend one and how could we miss Feb 29?
Your images can be taken throughout the day on during a specific event, whatever, there are no rules… just take ’em. Visit last years entries if you need inspiration. This time around I’d like to produce some kind of exhibition of the results but not sure how, when or where.

Just enjoy the experience…

For info on our previous BMEday please visit Mysterboxes or search hashtag #BMEday on Instagram.

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