V&A Dundee #MadeOnAMobile

On Saturday the V&A Dundee Design Museum opened to the public for the first time. Both Saturday and Sunday were ticketed by lottery and I didn’t even apply… avoiding disappointment!




As it was I got in for the first time the previous Tuesday to have a conversation about capturing (on a mobile of course…) the opening with the V&A’s Young People’s Collective (YPC) who I’ve worked with before.

The young people are great to work with – incredibly enthusiastic, appreciative and excited by the opportunities that have been given through the YPC – so I didn’t have to play it cool at all!

They put in the hard work and together we captured a truly historic moment. It’ll be fun to work with them to assemble what we’ve captured into a short film, however, you’ll find what we shared already on my Twitter feed: @OnTheSuperFly

Along with the young people I was spoiled with an “access all areas” experience – Friday evening was spent capturing the buzz and excitement of the V&A Dundee civic reception – Here’s our snapshot of the evening…

I was privileged to speak to the project manager of design and build John Tavendale as well as the architect himself Kengo Kuma:

The evening concluded with a concert across the street in Slessor Gardens and a light show with the V&A the centre of attention once more:

… ahead of the official opening to the public on Saturday.This is my tribute to the V&A staff who, despite the pressure of an opening of this size (and the scrutiny it was under) displayed the most positive of attitudes and reflected the excitement of their customers. And at the end of a very busy opening day they we’re filled with anticipation for day two. Here’s what they had to say…


I’m looking forward to getting back into the V&A and just relaxing, taking in the exhibition spaces and taking time to enjoy the views… of which there are several.

But I’m extremely appreciative of the memory of being part of the opening and look forward to working with the V&A and the Young People’s Collective very soon.

#OpenCloseMovie – watch online for FREE

It would seem that Open Close Movie has been the journey of exactly a year…

Saturday 16 September 2017: I meet with Russell Pepper, founder of Open/Close Dundee, for the first time to discuss the possibility of me making a film about his project.

Thursday 8 February 2018: Filming of Open Close Movie begins.

Saturday 12 May 2018: Filming/editing completed

Saturday May 19: Open Close Movie screens to 130 people at Dundee’s Contemporary Arts Centre’s screen 1.

Shortly afterwards: A few tweaks are made and 50 seconds are added to the film

Saturday 15 September 2018: Open Close Movie (definitive version) available online to stream for FREE on YouTube

This moment: Your opportunity to click and watch… (and “like” and “share”…)



Email (x) disconnect…


Apologies… email is down!

[UPDATE: Email is fixed, but please let me know if you experience any issues – thank you] :)

I’m currently working on a new set up for my website/email, etc and for technical reasons beyond my powers of articulation that means my email is down!

However, that’s not to say communication is entirely lost…

Until further notice you can email me at hellojongill [at] iCloud [dot] com : call me on or use the contact form here.

Thanking you :)

#MadeOnAMobile in Newcastle

Following a series of extremely well received workshops across Scotland I’m heading south to Newcastle with my mobile digital film making workshop… in November 2018.

And I can’t wait. I was there earlier in the year to help out on another workshop and fell in love with the place. It’s so photogenic and full of bridges… which is a win/win for a bridge geek like myself.

You’ll learn the basics of preparing your film, getting the most out of your mobile device and a number of techniques such as time-lapse, stop-frame animation, adding titles and music and sharing on social networks or through your website/YouTube.

So, stay posted or get in touch if you’d like notified of dates and booking information:

#MadeOnAMobile in Dumfries (Scottish Borders)

#MadeOnAMobile Dumfries

Thanks to Lindsey Mason Ross who invited me down to Dumfries in July to deliver a #MadeOnAMobile film making session to local businesses at Dumfries & Galloway Business Gateway.

#MadeOnAMobile winners Dumfries

Everyone had a great time and left inspired with a variety of ideas for promoting their businesses using video.

I’m now booking for Winter 2018 so listen to what these folks had to say about the session and have a think about if it’s for you, your team or organisation..?

Here’s what they said… 



#MadeOnAMobile – what’s it all about?


2018 has been a whirlwind of increased demand for workshops precisely at a time when I decided to demonstrate the power of mobile film making with an hour long documentary – captured, edited and shared from a single iPad.

So I took a few hours recently to put a short film together to encapsulate what I’m up to, explain what #MadeOnAMobile is all about and demonstrate what it can do…

So if you can give me (literally) two minutes, I’ll bring you up to date…

Open Close Movie with @Documentally Live in Newcastle

I’ve been following Documentally (aka Christian Payne) ever since a mobile network provider gave him the challenge of hitching from Lands End to John O’Groats with nothing but a handful of prepaid sim cards.

This would have been 2009-ish and the very early days of social media. However, using Twitter and whatever other social platforms were emerging at the time Christian negotiated the country, taking lifts and accepting offers of couches to sleep on and completed his task.

So, eight or nine years later he very kindly invites me to join him on a digital storytelling workshop to talk about my film, Open Close Movie, made entirely on an iPad.

We did some various bit and bobs but the video below is the live broadcast we did on Periscope.

It was a great afternoon and I met some great people who were attending the Thinking Digital conference at the Sage in Gateshead – I couldn’t stay because I was running a workshop in Glasgow.

So I hope to be back in Newcastle in November with #MadeOnAMobile – it was my first time in Newcastle and I loved it – particularly being a fan of bridges, the place is chock full of them!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the interview…