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In December I’ll be running a #MadeOnAMobile film making workshop for the College Development Network in Stirling, Scotland.

You can find more information and registration for the workshop on the CDN website:

UPDATE: As of 15 November there are only two places left – be quick…

Want to know more about #MadeOnAMobile? Watch this…


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Jon Gill is a service designer, working with people to explore challenges and opportunities for ‘building better’. He also designs and delivers practical, hands-on digital and social media workshops.


IRN BRU Vs Iron Maiden

Real-time marketing’s the thing just now isn’t it..?!

Real-time marketing is marketing “on-the-fly” (which we’re a fan of around here…), brands being deft enough to spot an opportunity and ‘make hay’ within minutes of the sun coming out… or something.

A great example is Oreo a few years ago. The Super Bowl (American football cup final) is already a genuine marketing monster – movie trailers, pop bands performing in the interval – everyone selling themselves to one of the biggest global audiences in the calendar.

In 2013 there was a power outage and the Super Bowl was in darkness. Within minutes Oreo responded with an add online…


Genius eh? Turns out Oreo had a 15 strong team waiting throughout the Super Bowl for any such opportunity. You can read about it on Wired, I’ve included a link below this post…

So this morning I woke, quite excited, because I’m off to see metal icons Iron Maiden in Glasgow this evening. They posted this on their Instagram page last night:


They know how to fire up the Scottish crowd!

So then, look what got delivered to the Hydro this afternoon by Glasgow soft drinks maker AG Barr themselves…


Now that’s responsive! Not a mock up, the actual thing! Hoping to get my hands on one as they’ll not be around for long!

Time will tell as to whether the stunt will go viral or be worth the investment on Barr’s part – maybe they’re just having some fun – whatever, it illustrates how creative and responsive some brands are prepared to be to get noticed.

Mind you, they missed a trick – the small print should say “Maiden Glasgow from girders!”

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Read about the “Oreo Moment” on Wired here

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Jon Gill is a designer who develops and improves services in the public sector working with a variety of local authorities, organisations and business. He also designs and delivers practical, hands-on digital and social media workshops.

The 7 inch celebration starts here…

Audio File is an idea I’ve had parked for more than five years. Yesterday I saw it become a reality.


I’ve been a (paid) designer of one sort or another since 1988 (nearly 30 years maths fans) and yet seeing my work in print never fails to excite. Yesterday I had the opportunity, not only seeing (and filming) one of my designs be transferred to a favourite medium – the tshirt (and yes, I am still a medium) – but my 10 year old son was given a go at printing one of them too. So thanks to Graham at TayPrint, Dundee.

The design is both a celebration of the 7 inch single (I was 45 this year – 45rpm) and a reflection of how digital and the MP3 has impacted on the music industry. The centre of the design is the wave form which, just in case anyone is unclear, is unique to the song title on the shirt. Each song has it’s own t-shirt colour and will only be printed in that colour. Series one consists of Paranoid Android (1997) in blue, Seven Nation Army (2003) in red (natch) and Rock and Roll (1971)** in olive. It’s hoped that more series will follow so if you have a favourite 7 inch that you’d like to see on an Audio File shirt send me or Assai your ideas.


I hope their are some Audiophiles (see what I did?) out there as geeky and excited about these shirts as I am. You’ll find more images and where to buy online using #AudioFileTees

The shirts will be available (very) soon, exclusively through Assai Records without whom the shirts wouldn’t exist (thank you Keith). You can find the Assai shop in Broughty Ferry, Dundee – they’re also online at Assai.co.uk

**For the nerds, I know Rock and Roll was never a single in the UK, however it was in the US (and elsewhere) in 1972. As 1971 is the year of my birth and the year the song first became available as an album track, that’s the date I’ve gone for.

You can watch the shirts being printed here:

More to follow soon…

New #Filmmaking Freebies!!

I just added a new Film Making page under the ‘freebies’ tab above. They are typical of the kinds of resources that I produce for all of my classes and workshops.

Mobile Journalism (#MoJo) is at the forefront of democratised media and content production. And with video consumption going through the roof and consumer mobile devices being amongst the best available for point-and-shoot photography and video, then there’s never been a better time to find out what they’re capable of.

If you are interested in learning about more for your business, organisation or club then please get in touch. Clients so far include, Children and Young Person’s Commissioner Scotland, NESTA, Dundee City Council Leisure and Communities, Perth Council, Fife Council, Fife Youth Arts, The Young Foundation.


Mills Observatory at 80


In September of 2015 I was asked to design a large format wall graphic for the Mills Observatory’s 80th birthday celebrations.

Initially it seemed a fairly straight forward piece of graphic design to present a timeline of key moments from the Observatory’s life and beyond. Following a couple of conversations about what the wall and floor art could be the creative team were happy for me to submit more illustrative solutions to the problem.

It was a great piece to work on, 1) because I don’t often do illustration work these days, and 2) because I love anything to do with space and the planets. Large format work is always challenging but very exciting to see the final results.


Apart from a series of information panels the two main pieces were a seven meter long illustration of the Solar System which incorporated a the timeline of ‘Mills’ highlights and a ‘donut’ shaped floor graphic which wrapped around the base of the Mills centre piece – the Thomas Cooke & Sons’ 10 inch refractor telescope from 1871 – in the observatory space itself.

It was tight getting the artwork completed, printed and installed for the October 23rd deadline but I couldn’t be happier with the results. The graphics are only intended to last a year – hopefully they’ll say up a little longer. Meanwhile pay a visit to the Mills and see what you think :)

You can find out more about the Mills Observatory here.




Dundee – City of Design

HOC_Dundee city of design

In January 2015 it was announced that Dundee (City of Discovery) on the east coast of Scotland, had been named the UKs first UNESCO City of Design.

About a year ago I started gathering shots for this short film, grabbing 5 or 10 minutes here and there. You can see many of the clips, as I captured them, on Instagram: #HOC_dndS4S

I set out to create a shot-for-shot comparison of Netflix’ “House of Cards” title sequence that would also celebrate aspects of the city in a form of film making that I love – timelapse. I see it as a work in progress – even House of Cards have reshot and updated sequences over the three seasons – and my film will continue to evolve as I capture new and improved shots.

The sequence was purposefully captured entirely on mobile devices. I used an iPad mini, an iPhone 4S and latterly an iPhone 6. The quality can vary from shot-to-shot depending on the device or the apps used. This is something I’ll address as I improve it.

I’m not the first person to have made an alternative “House of Cards” title sequence, but I’m pretty sure this is the first one for Dundee.

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In 2016 Dundee will hold it’s first design festival as a UNESCO ambassador of design. You can read more at: www.dundeecityofdesign.com