Mobile Film making

nesta one day digital

Preparation is the first rule of film making. Ironically, preparation is also one of the biggest challenges for many film makers. Creative types are not always the most organised or the most prepared, however, you soon learn the benefits of turning up on short knowing what you are going to do, what you need to shoot and having a pretty good idea of how it might edit together.

Below are a few resources that are typical of the value I can bring to a film making workshop.

There are two short videos and two PDFs to download. The first PDF is an introduction to typical camera shots you might use, put into a handy pocket sized mini book. The first video shows you how to put the mini book together.

The second is a short clip of how to put some of that knowledge into practice. The second PDF is a storyboard template. Use the storyboard to plan out your shots ahead of the shoot. They will help you, and particularly your crew, in understanding what you need to capture if you’re going to avoid dreaded reshoots.

I hope you find the resources useful – please get in touch if you would like a workshop organised to help you further.