Since 2011 I’ve been teaching people of all ages how to be more creative with smartphones and tablets. I coined the phrase/title “Made On A Mobile” in 2016.

Learn to shoot, edit and share creative video content armed with nothing but a mobile phone (or tablet). Apple or Android, it doesn’t matter.

Do you work in communications? Are you an educator? Do you have your own business?

Having videos to help you do what you do is getting more and more important. Ten years from now I may be out of a job because my kids (young teens) take this stuff for granted. However, if YOU still want to be working in 2029 then now might be a good time to catch up.

As of March 2021 #MadeOnAMobile has been attended by close to 1000 participants. Here’s taste of where they’ve come from?

  • Skills Development Scotland
  • National Museum of Scotland
  • V&A Museum Dundee
  • The Open University (staff in England and Scotland)
  • Comms teams and teachers/lecturers from several local authorities across the UK
  • Small business owners

For evidence of what people get out of the workshops then please watch the following film captured October 2018 in Stranraer with a group of small businesses owners.

If you’d like to hear more then please get in touch via the contact page.

#MadeOnAMobile Shopping list

The equipment below ranges from inexpensive for beginners to mid range for more regular use. Unless stating otherwise they are items that I use or have used and can therefore vouch for their performance, quality or value. If you have specific questions please contact me.

Below you will find two lists, one for phones and one for tablets.
Some kit (mics, lenses) can be used for both.

PLEASE NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I make a small percentage from each purchase (on avg. 2%) – however, feel free to buy from wherever suits you.
Click on the image to be taken through to Amazon – come back here to click on additional items.

Equipment suitable for Mobile Phones

Joby Griptight in Black or white (tripod adapter for smart phones

Manfrotto tripod for smartphones in black or white

MPOW lenses for                  MAONO Dual Lavalier
smart phones                             Microphone with Headphone Output

V.Lav (tie clip)                       Shure MV88+ Premium Digital
Digital Omnidirection         Stereo Condenser Microphone

When using an iPhone or an iPad
then this adapter is required to
adapt your microphone to the
lightning port for more reliable

Recommended portable led key light – two may be required depending on your set up

Recommended filler lights – backgrounds and fill light (gels included)

Great little gadget for capturing time lapsed panoramic shots – used this a lot when filming my Dundee version of the “House of Cards” title sequence

Equipment suitable for Tablets

This is the iPad Pro that I use. I recommend 64GB as the minimum storage size.
This is the wifi version – cellar (4G) versions and larger storage versions listed below. I also use the smart cover which connects without the need for power hungry bluetooth.

Left: Lightweight tripod for tablet or phone
Right: iStabilizer Ipad/tripod adapter
– There are many cheaper alternatives to the iStabilizer,
however, I’ve had mine for six years now and it’s a
quality product that I trust with my iPad’s life ;)

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