‘Digital’ Dighty Burn

The first thing to understand about the Dighty Burn is how to pronounce it. Phonetically it’s ‘D’ikt-ee’, with the ‘k’ sounding like the ‘ch’ in ‘Loch’. It’s a sound only a Scot can make with ease while the rest of us dislocate our throats.

Jon Gill and Rick Curran are currently working on their latest QR trail at ‘the Dighty’ and if all goes to plan this one will be permanently installed!

Several months ago Jon and Rick pitched an idea to ‘Dighty Connect’ to take their enormous catalogue of audio and video footage of Dighty stories, tours and theatre, give it a digital home and make it accessible visitors via mobile devices while in the Dighty environment itself. Dighty Connect were very excited by the possibilities offered through this facility and quickly signed on for ‘Digital Dighty’.
Digital Dighty builds on the knowledge, experience and expertise accumulated through previous SuperFly projects from ‘NEoN Knights’ to the ‘Space Hop’ in St Andrews. Part game, part historical document; educational while entertaining; inventive and innovative. The Digital Dighty QR Trail will be as rich and as social an experience as is possible.

As part of the design process of building Digital Dighty there will of course be updates here through the pages of the blog where you’ll find the latest images as well as Audio. Audio will play a big part of the Digital Dighty Experience and therefore it seems appropriate to document the process in audio too.
Jon has been experimenting with AudioBoo (AudioBoo.fm) for a few months now and below is his first ‘proper’ Boo, commenting on his first proper visit to the Burn:

What they said…
From Dighty Connect:

Many communities in eastern Dundee live within a stones throw of the Dighty Burn and almost everyone has a story to tell about how they fell in or chilled their beer in the burn. During the past three years we have undertaken a very wide variety of projects, including: planting wild flowers with flowers grown by local families; conducted biological surveys of wildflowers, mammals, water quality etc and established a wildlife garden in Douglas Community centre to provide plants to plant out along the burn. We have also: produced dramas in parks along the Dighty; and put together leaflets on local history, wild food, herbs, environmental activities etc; funded DVD’s and audio stories about the burn and provided mosaic seating to brighten up the area.

Many of these activities once they have happened do not leave anything visible on the sites therefore we hope that by working with Jon and Rick we will explore the use of QR codes to make accessible this information and provide more resources to enable local people to access and enjoy the area. We also hope that the QR trail will encourage everyone to share their own stories and ideas for the use of the green space along the burn….who knows what may develop from this project..!

One last thing, shortly before Christmas the local news paper, The Dundee Courier, did a piece on the project… image below. Full text will be reproduced in due course.

Dighty in The Courier

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