Take two! Testing innovative patient PPE…

Two simultaneous shots…One phone…Did you know this was possible..? Thanks to the capabilities in the iPhone from 11 onwards and an app called “Double Take”, by FiLMiCPro, it’s possible to capture two shots at once through two different lenses! Why?Cutaways, reaction shots or, as in this (more unusual) situation, the need to capture two viewsContinue reading “Take two! Testing innovative patient PPE…”

#OnTheFlyPodcast Ep3 with Documentally

#OnTheFlyPodcast Ep3 has landed… With creative media/technologist Christian Payne (aka @Documentally). We talk about#socialmedia, how he’s structured his#businessmodel, plus the secret life of his Italian grandmother… there’s a lot in here. This podcast is intentionally accessible to high school ages and upwards. If you’re interested in continuous learning or are generally interested in media andContinue reading “#OnTheFlyPodcast Ep3 with Documentally”

#MakeSomethingMobile challenge

Kids – Adults – come one come all! #MakeSomethingMobile is my initiative to get you, your kids, your parents, your teachers, your pupils… to get everyone creative using their mobile devices. And maybe (just maybe) win some prizes along the way. In a nut shell, you have to make something – And there are so manyContinue reading “#MakeSomethingMobile challenge”

TUESDAY 2 JUNE – Mobile Filmmaking workshop

Bookings now being taken for my next Zoom #MadeOnAMobile “Take 1” – my introduction to mobile filmmaking workshop. Take full advantage of the movie studio in your purse or pocket – your tablet or smart phone. Throughout the day I’ll take you step by step through the process of capturing, editing and sharing your ownContinue reading “TUESDAY 2 JUNE – Mobile Filmmaking workshop”

Capturing COVID-19

Our second wedding anniversary was spent in Paris. It was 1996 and I had a clunky Hi8 video camera from around 1990. A few days in and we had to chat. I was capturing everything and experiencing nothing. Realising that stayed with me and helped me manage my approach to social media. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– There were/areContinue reading “Capturing COVID-19”

Coping with Covid

This is “Coping”… 2 weeks ago I made a video with mental health workers in NHS Tayside where they each shared a personal fear or concern but also how they are coping, getting by. The point is to to help normalise the fears people have surrounding #Covid19. No doubt, to one extent or another, weContinue reading “Coping with Covid”

Schools Design Challenge

To give some context for this story I need to start with a brief history of me… Since I left school in 1987 I’ve worked in the creative industries… printer, illustrator, graphic designer and eventually a filmmaker. However, between being a graphic designer (for 10 years) and then a filmmaker I completed a Masters inContinue reading “Schools Design Challenge”