#OnTheFlyPodcast Ep3 with Documentally

#OnTheFlyPodcast Ep3 has landed... With creative media/technologist Christian Payne (aka @Documentally). We talk about#socialmedia, how he’s structured his#businessmodel, plus the secret life of his Italian grandmother… there’s a lot in here. This podcast is intentionally accessible to high school ages and upwards. If you're interested in continuous learning or are generally interested in media and … Continue reading #OnTheFlyPodcast Ep3 with Documentally

TUESDAY 2 JUNE – Mobile Filmmaking workshop

Bookings now being taken for my next Zoom #MadeOnAMobile "Take 1" – my introduction to mobile filmmaking workshop. Take full advantage of the movie studio in your purse or pocket – your tablet or smart phone. Throughout the day I'll take you step by step through the process of capturing, editing and sharing your own … Continue reading TUESDAY 2 JUNE – Mobile Filmmaking workshop

Capturing COVID-19

Our second wedding anniversary was spent in Paris. It was 1996 and I had a clunky Hi8 video camera from around 1990. A few days in and we had to chat. I was capturing everything and experiencing nothing. Realising that stayed with me and helped me manage my approach to social media. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– There were/are … Continue reading Capturing COVID-19

Coping with Covid

This is “Coping”... 2 weeks ago I made a video with mental health workers in NHS Tayside where they each shared a personal fear or concern but also how they are coping, getting by. The point is to to help normalise the fears people have surrounding #Covid19. No doubt, to one extent or another, we … Continue reading Coping with Covid

Schools Design Challenge

To give some context for this story I need to start with a brief history of me... Since I left school in 1987 I've worked in the creative industries... printer, illustrator, graphic designer and eventually a filmmaker. However, between being a graphic designer (for 10 years) and then a filmmaker I completed a Masters in … Continue reading Schools Design Challenge