Here’s to the Imagineers!

I was invited to speak at the second Think Different Dundee which took place last night at Drouthy's, Dundee. It was a great evening with a broad range of disciplines, minds and sensibilities in the room - all with a desire to think differently. What follows is a (slightly) more articulate, (hugely) less shambolic interpretation of what … Continue reading Here’s to the Imagineers!

Dementia Diary meet Memory Box

I Met with Memory Box originator Scott Downie this week. It was after tweeting progress of a workshop at Alzheimer's Scotland a few weeks ago that I received a message from Scott informing me of Memory Box and that we should talk. My workshop was focussed on Dementia Diary, an idea formulated through the Scottish … Continue reading Dementia Diary meet Memory Box

Share and share alike…

First rule of social media..?!   I'm thinking that this might make a good Tshirt design along the lines of the mock-up below... any comments or interest? Have your say...

Workforce Of The Future – Presentations

Monday 10 December - the Scottish Social Services Council 'Workforce Challenge' reached its climax with five 'dynamic' presentations at Edinburgh's Dynamic Earth! In partnership with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, SSSC set the challenge to Social Services professionals from across Scotland and Northern Ireland to innovate and rethink services and person … Continue reading Workforce Of The Future – Presentations

Workforce – Workshop – it’s all work!

My last few weeks have been spent planning and implementing a series of workshops under the banner of Workforce of the Future! The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) partnering with The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) set out with the aim of developing a handful of pilot projects that increase workforce capability … Continue reading Workforce – Workshop – it’s all work!

Red Tape

For the first time since I took on this project I was met by red tape... of the best kind, a big red ribbon around the information box in front of the school signifying the impending ceremony to officially open Room Two's QR Code Safari! It's almost a week ago now but the Safari, to … Continue reading Red Tape

Keep it simple with “Team Plank”

  I witnessed this procedure while sat at the traffic lights on my way home one morning last week. I just loved the simplicity of it and thought it might be something to include in a future slide presentation under the title of 'keep it simple'... Maybe i'm being naive but if you'd asked be … Continue reading Keep it simple with “Team Plank”