I hadn't done much Photoshop work for a while having adopted Snapseed on my iPad and phone for most colour correction and editing. But I've been thinking about what my next 'Fly' avatar might be and while running through town in the rain on Thursday I had an uncomfortably wet stop at a road crossing. … Continue reading DONT WALK/FLY

Mock the Taskbar

A new infographic inspired by a variety of slow PCs I've had to use over the last few years. This is not scientific research! It's an easy hit and a bad pun (partly borrowed from Adam and Joe)... so, Windows users, please do not take it personally ;) #ThatIsAll

Share and share alike…

First rule of social media..?!   I'm thinking that this might make a good Tshirt design along the lines of the mock-up below... any comments or interest? Have your say...

The the impotence of proof reading

I don't know about any of you Graphic Designers out there but the greatest challenge I ever face with a print job is getting the client to take responsibility for the proof reading - not that they don't want to do it, just that they don't know how! The number of times they've glanced across … Continue reading The the impotence of proof reading

iPad – therefore iLearn

Over the past 18 months I have had many opportunities to use the iPad as a learning tool and information on Playful Communications: learning and training services can be found here. As a combination of camera, audio recorder, note-pad and presentation tool I initially thought it would be useful to me but more and more … Continue reading iPad – therefore iLearn

Playful Competition – RARA Showrooms

I received this Tweet a few hours ago: Power of social media, blah, blah, blah... Basically, as you can see from the thread above, I saw RARA's add on Twitter for their new series of Valentine cards and it struck me that they could turn it into a little competition. To their credit, (I mean … Continue reading Playful Competition – RARA Showrooms

QR permanence

No, I'm not weighing in on the "QR longevity" debate... this is about putting your money where your mouth is! The final two permanent codes of the Balmullo History Safari were fixed in place last night and here's a couple of pics of the Old School House - now privately owned, so thank you to … Continue reading QR permanence

Badge of honour

Last minute job as a memento for the cast and crew of the Byre Youth Theatre production of Bugsy Malone! Well done folks... here's to the next big BYT! I also have to make mention of Wee Badgers who made the badges for us. I'm not going to tell you exactly how quickly they turned … Continue reading Badge of honour