Sense of Place – part three

I started using QR Codes in 2010 - firstly to see if I could add any value to advertising. I then became more interested in education and developing the 'game' element (of what were essentially digital treasure hunts) to engage children in learning activities. Conveniently, in the middle of this diversion from advertising in education … Continue reading Sense of Place – part three

Jesse (in a nut) Schell

Excited..?! Excited doen't come close!! I was on my way into Dundee on the train this morning when I spotted a Tweet: @DareToBeDigital Excited for the @jesseschell talk at the Dare Jam at Dare ProtoPlay! Did you get your ticket?  #Dare2013 Excited doesn't cover it - Jesse Schell is the chap I watched endlessly while … Continue reading Jesse (in a nut) Schell

Note to self…

Guest post today! It's me... but me two years ago..! Do you or your kids play video/computer games? I wrote this during my Masters year (on 'Mysteryboxes', my Masters blog) when I was looking into video games and what we can learn from them about learning and engagement. At the same time I was a … Continue reading Note to self…


Here's an article about Microsoft using Kinect to monitor whether we're watching ads or not! Is this ok? Will it make us better people? Before you decide - watch this talk by Jesse Schell from 2010... (listen in from 7.00 if you're pushed for time!) Jesse Schell: "They make you notice ads!" See also: Everything … Continue reading Gamepocalypse

Beautiful Fife

My last post had no pictures. This one has lots. Something for everyone then..?! The Balmullo History QR Code Safari was properly completed recently. For a while a few of the temporary codes had been left in place while we arranged fixings for the permanent ones. Now all of the permanent codes are in place, … Continue reading Beautiful Fife

QR permanence

No, I'm not weighing in on the "QR longevity" debate... this is about putting your money where your mouth is! The final two permanent codes of the Balmullo History Safari were fixed in place last night and here's a couple of pics of the Old School House - now privately owned, so thank you to … Continue reading QR permanence

Get Ambition vs Blast Theory

I've been very inspired by the #GetAmbition Digital Storytelling event this afternoon. The main speaker was Matt Adams of Blast Theory. Until today I was ignorant of the fantastic transmedia projects he and his colleges have been designing over the last 7 years or so and so to hear him talk about his experiences and … Continue reading Get Ambition vs Blast Theory