Record Store Day 2015 Top Ten #RSD

WARNING: Frivolous non-work related post I don’t know why this passed me by until now but tomorrow is World Record Store Day (RSD)! The short film above will give you a sense of the anticipation that is building for some music fans. The 18th April is also my birthday (which hadn’t passed me by). IContinue reading “Record Store Day 2015 Top Ten #RSD”

AudioBoo. AudioBoooom.

  Before and after with AudioBoom. My frustrations with a great platform. Less than two months ago you could have been listening to this Boo on AudioBoom via a Twitter share or an email link. Uninterupted. Today you would need to log into your account or create one if you don’t already have one. “Would you likeContinue reading “AudioBoo. AudioBoooom.”

Welcome to the Real World

Morpheus said it best when he first met Neo in person! However, Neo’s alter ego, Mr Anderson, had previously been living life as a Duracell for deluded A.I. machines who had taken over the World and was getting out even less than the geeky-recluse had realised! Clearly not a real life! So it nips my headContinue reading “Welcome to the Real World”

Note to self…

Guest post today! It’s me… but me two years ago..! Do you or your kids play video/computer games? I wrote this during my Masters year (on ‘Mysteryboxes’, my Masters blog) when I was looking into video games and what we can learn from them about learning and engagement. At the same time I was aContinue reading “Note to self…”

Share and share alike…

First rule of social media..?!   I’m thinking that this might make a good Tshirt design along the lines of the mock-up below… any comments or interest? Have your say…

Digital Imaging on iPad (via AudioBoo)

The images above are on display at Perth Museum and Art Gallery. From left to right, the second, fourth and fifth displays were completed as part of an iPad workshop I led in November 2012 and are exhibited until the end of March. This week some of the young people who took part in the project,Continue reading “Digital Imaging on iPad (via AudioBoo)”

Playful Competition – RARA Showrooms

I received this Tweet a few hours ago: Power of social media, blah, blah, blah… Basically, as you can see from the thread above, I saw RARA’s add on Twitter for their new series of Valentine cards and it struck me that they could turn it into a little competition. To their credit, (I meanContinue reading “Playful Competition – RARA Showrooms”

Dragons Den at Rachel House

Just wrapping up at after a great few days working with kids at Rachel House, Kinross – helping them to come up with ideas, design and prototype product ideas. Below is a video outlining day one’s activities and soon to follow will be day three. Below that you’ll find a link to Hazel’s blog postContinue reading “Dragons Den at Rachel House”

Putting the ‘Social’ into ‘Care’

The project above published by Dan Slee on his blog today is an extremely powerful example of how Social Media (in this case Twitter) can be used to serve communities and individuals and there understanding of lives that often go unseen. It’s extremely relevant in the light of this case from Lincoln Crown Court yesterday.Continue reading “Putting the ‘Social’ into ‘Care’”


Instagram launched in October 2010. Monday past (14 May 2012) marked my first year with the app! That makes me a Grandad in Instagram years surely? User 3,911,665 to be exact… and I was reminded of this that I wrote 5 or 6 weeks into using it last June… What I’m doing here is list a bunch ofContinue reading “InstaGramps”