Get Ambition vs Blast Theory

interactive = unfinshed

I’ve been very inspired by the #GetAmbition Digital Storytelling event this afternoon.

The main speaker was Matt Adams of Blast Theory. Until today I was ignorant of the fantastic transmedia projects he and his colleges have been designing over the last 7 years or so and so to hear him talk about his experiences and identify so closely through my experiences on NEoN Knights, SpaceHop, Dighty, etc., was so encouraging.

Apart from anything else they are getting work, so (while they are clearly great at what they do) I see hope for my projects!

There is so much crossover with the projects that Blast Theory have done and what I’ve done through SuperFly and now QReate – it was especially encouraging as Matt took us through a series of statements, almost like game design rules a la SCVNGR or Denki but closer to the context of these kind of real world games that are so ethereal in nature.

In conversation later he recommended the book Rules of Play by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman as being a useful resource when working on projects.

The talk is available to watch online – extremely valuable afternoon – consider me fired up and ready to go with project ideas galore!

Thanks to, Rudman Consulting and Culture Sparks for the afternoon.


One last thing, as everything was being packed away and after most people had gone this design was projected across the room – Star Trek’s HoloDeck anyone? Amazing!