Movie Makers – Summer School

What did you do last summer? Well, for me it was the Movie Makers Summer Camp at AK Bell Library in Perth, Scotland. Jacobite Clans was the summer exhibition at Perth Museum 2019 and became the focus for three days of learning and making – shooting, editing and sharing stories using a single mobile device. … Continue reading Movie Makers – Summer School

Schools Design Challenge

To give some context for this story I need to start with a brief history of me... Since I left school in 1987 I've worked in the creative industries... printer, illustrator, graphic designer and eventually a filmmaker. However, between being a graphic designer (for 10 years) and then a filmmaker I completed a Masters in … Continue reading Schools Design Challenge

Bertha Park High Official Opening

Depute First Minister John Swinney MSP being interviewed by Mason, Bertha Park High There's only ONE first night... ONE official launch... ONE grand opening. Just before Christmas I was invited to attend the Official Opening of Bertha Park, a brand new high school in Perthshire. I had previously worked with the staff and was honoured … Continue reading Bertha Park High Official Opening

#MadeOnAMobile at the Open University

I’ve been aware of the Open University for as long as I can remember. From the baffling TV programmes of the late 70s (while I was off sick from school) through to understanding later in life what an innovative and creative solution the OU was to learning and person centred education. Footage and feedback … Continue reading #MadeOnAMobile at the Open University

First Light – the last word in mobile photography

#MadeOnAMobile was very nearly “MoviesOnAMobile”... The reason that name didn’t stick was because since 2010 I’ve been using mobile devices for a number of other things - podcasts, animation, QR code trails – and so I didn't want to limit myself to any particular activity. In fact, photography was my first port of call. I … Continue reading First Light – the last word in mobile photography

#MadeOnAMobile at Discovery Point – Monday 11 November

Monday 11 November – book now! Very excited to announce a special #MadeOnAMobile filmmaking workshop happening at Dundee's Discovery Point, home to the actual exploration and research Ship RRS Discovery. Its first mission was the British National Antarctic Expedition, carrying Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton on their first, and highly successful, journey to the … Continue reading #MadeOnAMobile at Discovery Point – Monday 11 November

Values with character…

"If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: They're hobbies." – Jon Stewart "Playful Communications" is not so much a business name as a mission statement and commitment of value. Intentionally so. I once had it thrown back at me on a feedback form from someone who thought I … Continue reading Values with character…