Listed below is a selection of Playful Communications Activity: Freelance work, Exhibitions, QR Code projects, Lectures and Conference talks.

Starting with the most recent, Activity goes back as far as September 2009.

Living Communities Project, Perth Museum and Art Gallery – Perth and Kinross Council, September – December 2012

As a designer/practitioner/educator I have completed a series of workshops for ‘Living Communities’ including digital portraiture and image manipulation using iPads. Most recently I facilitated a ‘reflective workshop’ where young people were recorded talking about their work on display in the gallery. The resulting audio files were tagged to the artwork using QR Codes for visitors to listen to and engage more deeply with the work. (Read more here

Workforce Of The Future Challenge – Presentations: workshops, design and delivery, Nov/Dec 2012
Having taken part in 100% Open’s two day event for the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) (facilitating and visualising Social Service projects) SSSC asked me to co-ordinate a group of six designers to help Social Service professionals present their ideas.
Workshops took place in Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow and the final presentations were delivered at an event at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. (Read more here)

eAA eAssessment Conference, Lancaster, (JISC N/E) November 2012

Here I presented and demonstrated a solution for assessment in authentic spaces using QR Codes – in addition, throughout the day a QR Code Safari (digital treasure hunt) was installed for delegate to play in order to better understand QR Codes!

Measuring the Impact – Social Design project with The Young Foundation, London, Aug 2012

As a social/service designer Working for People Can homeless hostels in Westminster and Hackney I captured genuine stories as short films to help the organisation managers better understand their service.

Responsibilities: Project leader, supervising interns, interviewing hostel ‘customers’, facilitation, storyboards, presentation, graphic design.

Digital Dighty for Dighty Connect, June 2012 – Community engagment project (with Rick Curran)
Digital Dighty is a digital trail documenting the past and present of the Dighty Burn using QR Codes and mobile digital media. (Read more here)

Balmullo History QR Code Safari
Balmullo Primary School, Fife, March – May 2012 (solo project)
A 2 month teaching project with a P2 class (ages 6-7) learning about QR codes and culminating in a permanent QR Code history trail documenting life in ‘old Balmullo’ as researched by the class.
Responsibilities: Project concept and design, facilitation, Illustration/Graphic Design, social media.(Read more here)

Research For Design, February 2012 – Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
Presentation on the observation and documentation of QR Games designed for my Masters research, using video and photography; the reflection and what to do with it all!

St Andrews Space Hop – St Andrews University, PHD Summer, June 2011 (solo project)
QR Code treasure hunt – investigation into eTourism & public engagement
Responsibilities: Project concept and design, facilitation, Illustration/Graphic Design, social media. (Read more here)

Open for Education Conference (, May 2011 (solo project)
Speaker: QReativity: The Mystery of the QR Code 

Game To Learn (GTL) Conference, Dundee – March 2011 (solo project)
Project: Official GTL delegate engagement QR Code treasure hunt;
Game design, facilitation and Illustraton/Graphic Design, Social Media.

NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Dundee, November 2010 (with Rick Curran and Tim Pryde
Project: Official public engagement QR Code treasure hunt;
Game design, facilitation and Illustration/Graphic Design, Social Media. (Read more here)

Starter For 6 programme (Cultural Enterprise Office), March – July 2010

SuperFly 3, Glasgow, June 2010
IceCreamArchitects Vs SuperFly – Outdoor Found-Art Exhibition commissioned by Hidden Lane Festival committee (Glasgow).
Responsibilities: Project concept, facilitation, Illustration/Graphic Design, Social Media.

SuperFly 2, Dundee, January – February 2010
Central Station Vs SuperFly – Outdoor Exhibition commissioned by Central Station (Glasgow) as part of Central Station Dundee Pop-up visual arts event and advertising campaign.
Responsibilities: Advertising, project concept, facilitation, Illustration/Graphic Design, Social Media. 

SuperFly Retrospective Exhibition and Public lecture (Hannah Maclure Centre)
Dundee, January – February 2010

SuperFly, Dundee, September – October 2009
SuperFly – Outdoor Exhibition. Funded in kind through local creative businesses. Art treasure hunt – Street posters used as exhibition space across city of Dundee. Seven artists from across Scotland each had 5 posters displaying a single example of their work.
Responsibilities: Project concept and design, facilitation, Illustration/Graphic Design, Social Media. (Read more here)