Do you have a scream?

Do you know someone with a scream?

First off, I have a MKE200 mic to give away courtesy of Sennheiser. It’s designed for mobile and it’s the most perfect entry level mic for mobiles that I’ve used. No messing, plug and play and great sound quality in a tiny mobile package.

S, so what do you need to do?
Well, it’s Halloween on Sunday and I want to hear your best scream!

I made this short scary film with my kids a couple of years ago… [watch below] and we were never 100% happy with the scream. So you have an opportunity to put that right…

Record your scream on your phone and email it to me or share it via social media… it doesn’t matter. I only need the sound but if you record it as video then I can sort out the rest.

The three best will be edited into three new versions of the film – launched on Sunday evening.
The best of the three will win the mic… simple as that. Deadline for entries: 12 noon on Saturday 30 October.

More on the MKE200:

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