Take two! Testing innovative patient PPE…

Two simultaneous shots…
One phone…
Did you know this was possible..?

Thanks to the capabilities in the iPhone from 11 onwards and an app called “Double Take”, by FiLMiCPro, it’s possible to capture two shots at once through two different lenses!

Cutaways, reaction shots or, as in this (more unusual) situation, the need to capture two views of the same angle.

I actually needed a third shot, of a vital signs monitor, but I did that the old fashioned way, with another camera (below).

I was capturing a test on a new PPE hood designed to safely administer CPR on people known, or suspected to be Covid positive. The hood seals in most aerosols minimising risk. This was one of the many tests the product has been enduring with medical staff…

The final video I assembled – edited in LumaFusion for iPhone (below) – has the screen split into three to accommodate all three channels; wide shot, close up and vital signs monitor. It will be used to demonstrate to other medics the safety aspects of using the hood.

If you’d like to learn more I run training sessions for all needs – just drop me a message using the contact form or find me on Twitter (@OnTheSuperFly) and/or LinkedIn (#MadeOnAMobile).

Published by hellojon

PlayfulCommunications.co.uk Award winning mobile filmmaker with a passion for enabling people to tell their story with words, pictures and video. Trained in Design Thinking (Social innovation and Service Design); Visualisation (Illustration, photography and video); Social Media Amplification (workshops, strategies, blogging); Teaching (guerrilla education, curriculum for excellence, workshops in animation, video, digital imaging, iPad, desktop, more); Graphic Design (print and web).

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