Standing ovation in Cannes for iPhone shot movie

“He [Lelouch] told me it was the camera he’d been dreaming of his entire life”
– Maxime Heraud (cinematographer)

This insightful article on veteran Oscar-winning director Claude Lelouch demonstrates why more and more film makers are turning to the iPhone (and the FilmicPro camera app) to make intimate and authentic films.

Lelouch and the iPhone rig used in the shooting of his latest film – with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

In fact, the mobile filmmaking revolution in is compared here (by Lelouch’s cinematographer) to the nouvelle vague of cinema in the 60s…

Lelouch said: “I love shooting with an iPhone as I can film anywhere, anytime!
In 10 years’ time it will be the only way to film. It lets us come closer and capture better than anything ever before.”

Lelouch recently screened his new film Les Plus Belles Années d’une Vie (The Best Years of a Life) at Canne – it was partly shot on an iPhone.

You can read more at The Independent here.

So I’m curious – would you be encouraged or put off paying to watch a film (in a cinema) shot on a mobile device?

Please comment below.

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