6 Months of 100% Freelance

Snapseed 3

So, 1 July marked 6 months of 100% freelance and I have a few numbers that I’m quite pleased with.

Over 30 workshops.
23 of them #MadeOnAMobile (a handful of those are in the pic above).
That’s just over 300 people trained, most of them in mobile filmmaking, in 6 months.

This compares with 120 last year when I was freelance one day a week. That means, pro-rata, the business has scaled with the days 100% (5 x 120 = 600).

Now, that’s not to say I’ll get 300 in the second half of the year but it’s a goal! So, thank you to everyone who has booked me over the last 6 months – especially those who have booked me again. And again (and there are a few).

Thank you also to everyone who has taken part. The workshops are designed to be fun and there hasn’t been a single session where I got the feeling that people were not enjoying themselves – and I’ve enjoyed them all.

The feedback has also been great.
Apart from feedback on the workshop days themselves I’ve also had two people approach me (independently) at a conference last month and thank me for a workshop they were on last year and three years ago respectively. I asked if they’d be happy to share their experience with others and both agreed – so I had a quick chat with them on video and I’ll be sharing those very soon.

So, no time to be basking in the glory, your as good as your next job. Best get to it!


Published by hellojon

PlayfulCommunications.co.uk Award winning mobile filmmaker with a passion for enabling people to tell their story with words, pictures and video. Trained in Design Thinking (Social innovation and Service Design); Visualisation (Illustration, photography and video); Social Media Amplification (workshops, strategies, blogging); Teaching (guerrilla education, curriculum for excellence, workshops in animation, video, digital imaging, iPad, desktop, more); Graphic Design (print and web).

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