#OpenCloseMovie – watch online for FREE

It would seem that Open Close Movie has been the journey of exactly a year…

Saturday 16 September 2017: I meet with Russell Pepper, founder of Open/Close Dundee, for the first time to discuss the possibility of me making a film about his project.

Thursday 8 February 2018: Filming of Open Close Movie begins.

Saturday 12 May 2018: Filming/editing completed

Saturday May 19: Open Close Movie screens to 130 people at Dundee’s Contemporary Arts Centre’s screen 1.

Shortly afterwards: A few tweaks are made and 50 seconds are added to the film

Saturday 15 September 2018: Open Close Movie (definitive version) available online to stream for FREE on YouTube

This moment: Your opportunity to click and watch… (and “like” and “share”…)



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