Muvi X-Lapse for time lapse panoramics

muvi x-lapse pic 3

I really didn’t have to think too long about this purchase.

I love making time-lapse films and iMotionHD is one of my most used apps on both the iPhone and iPad.

Time lapse is a fascinating filming technique. It’s the perfect tool for:

  • Establishing shots (how else could you make a conference-room filling up with people look remotely interesting?)
  • Creative openings (the day’s sunrise)
  • Illustrating the passing of time (clouds rushing by, sun-down, etc)

The possibilities go on and on…

muvi x-lapseWhat Muvi brings to this is X-Lapse, a clockwork turntable which turns 360 degrees over an hour (manually adjustable to anything between one and sixty minutes).

The movie below was capture over a couple of days on the west coast of Scotland at a place called Ratagan (Glenshiel, Ross-shire) and includes a shot of the nearby Skye Bridge (toll free bridge to the Isle of Skye) and the ferry terminal at Sconser, Isle of Skye.

muvi x-lapse pic 1X-Lapse has standard tripod screw (¼” screw thread – male on top for mounting a camera; female on the bottom to mount X-Lapse to a tripod); it’s a great companion piece to my Joby Gorilla Pod. It also comes supplied with a ‘shoe’ to hold your iPhone (illustrated above) but again, I use my Joby Griptight for added security (left).

So let me know what you think of the film. For about £15 (from Firebox) I recommend X-Lapse as a solid purchase! I also recommend you check out iMotionHD here.


Skye Bridge from Kyleakin

skye bridge


3 thoughts on “Muvi X-Lapse for time lapse panoramics

  1. I love the x-lapse, what a great idea! Did you catch the ferry to Raasay? A & I loved it there, we only spent a few hours on the island but I took the bike & had a scamper around whilst A walked around with her camera. We decided we’d like to spend a few days there next time.

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