Sense of Place – part two

Last night was the ‘private view’ opening of the Sense of Place exhibition (see previous post) – what a great evening! I’ll have so much more to say about Sense Of Place (Nation Museum of Scotland lead project) (#YAGsop) but this is just my unloading piece… more will follow in days to come.

yagsop Hashtag

The young people involved had a great time with their families, showing off their work and enjoying the attention! SmallPetitKlein did an amazing interpretation (through dance) of our project; performed with the audience on the move throughout the museum, connecting the two gallery spaces of our exhibition.

The tech worked (which is always a bonus), people were scanning QR Codes with their ‘own’ phones (something I’ve been looking forward to since 2010 when I started using them…) and the Electric Theatre, oh, you have to see the Electric Theatre! 30 minutes of films created by the Youth Action Group, East Coast Rail, SmallPetitKlein and more

The exhibition guide, Navigation, arrived and looks great – also stuffed full of QR Codes and behind-the-scenes extras! And the show will evolve too with new content appearing from week to week behind the codes, in the book and the gallery.

YAGsop Navigation guide

So well done to all involved – so many of your individual projects have carried lesser exhibitions – that’s not hyperbole, that’s Sense of Place!

YAG group - instagram

Christine (Head of Learning and Engagement at the McManus), in her speech, said it was a privelidge working with the members of YAG. It really was.

Never before has so much work felt so far from work.
So my thanks go out to YAG :)


Sense of Place
Open from today through to 7 February 2014
The McManus: Dundee’s Museum and Art Gallery
Meadowside, Dundee

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