Don’t wait for Billy to say “Yes!”


Came across this video being shared on Twitter earlier tonight… at which point it had about 58,000+ views and now an hour or so later it’s over 60,000!

Billy Joel holding court at a Q & A in Nashville and a student named Michael Pollack there has the guts to ask if he can play with Billy Joel… what can you say..?! So Billy Joel gets him up on stage, turns out the fella plays piano and as you’ll see he’s pretty confident… …you should probably just watch now:

There is no question that this was an event where you really should have been there. However, how great is it that, about a week after this happened, it’s all there for everyone to see?

That video is going to get a lot of hits… What a calling card for the fella! Won’t do Billy Joel any harm either!

It’s great that Pollack didn’t hold back, he really made it happen and now at least 60,000 people have seen and heard him play! How powerful a simple YouTube clip can be.

However, the other person who didn’t hold back was on the other side of the camera.
Who knows when you’re going to get a moment like that… but one thing is certain, the fella didn’t wait for Billy to say yes! He got the whole story, he already had the pixels rolling…

With a smart phone in your hand you not only have the camera, but the editing suite AND the means to share across the world! And this can work for you at your event, for your project, whatever it is you do that people need to know about…

So don’t hold back! Be ready, be prepared, or prime someone else to be there for you. Whatever you do, don’t miss out! And Don’t wait for Billy to say yes before you press the button!


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