Workforce Of The Future – Presentations

Monday 10 December – the Scottish Social Services Council ‘Workforce Challenge’ reached its climax with five ‘dynamic’ presentations at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth!

In partnership with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, SSSC set the challenge to Social Services professionals from across Scotland and Northern Ireland to innovate and rethink services and person centred care.

The final event pitched the ideas to social service organisations who stepped up to the plate and committed time and expertise in order to pilot the projects!

Below is a blow by blow account of the event via Tweets, TwitPics and Instagrams from people in and out of the room (gathered together through Storify). From the final day of the presentation workshops through to the adoption of the projects, you’ll find it all here:

  1. TripleSSSC
    #workforceotf workshops done! Pitches ready for Monday @ourdynamicearth! Find out more on our blog
  2. OnTheSuperFly
    I’ve been co-ordinating #workforceOTF workshops across #Scotland for @TripleSSSC – here’s some pictorial evidence :)…
  3. TripleSSSC
    The Workforce Challenge conculdes on Monday with presentations of the 5 pilotable projects. Who will take them forward? #workforceotf
  4. We have arrived… At Dynamic Earth for #workforceotf presentations… Coffee Time!
  5. LorraineSSSC
    At Dynamic Earth – lots of activity as we prepare for the day. Hope all the ideas are adopted #workforceotf
  6. RT @OnTheSuperFly: Almost there!!! #workforceotf @triplesssc
  7. Arrived and settled at #workforceotf I’m sitting with the ‘blether-in’ group – they are super organised
  8. Kick off! #workforceotf #challenge @triplesssc #edinburgh #scotland #socialservices
  9. EllePats
    Lovely analogy from @icyprof at #workforceotf about sewing a meadow of ideas from the grass roots
  10. LorraineSSSC
    @ClydesdAileen proud that her portfolio covers such a dedicated and important workforce #workforceotf
  11. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    #workforceotf @ClydesdAileen speaking warmly about need for innovative practice in social services. @TripleSSSC
  12. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    #workforceotf. Minister @ClydesdAileen talking about the risk of not taking risks on being innovative. @TripleSSSC
  13. Thank you @clydesdaileen for coming along today and for your support #workforceotf
  14. TripleSSSC
    RT @AnnaFowlieSSSC: #workforceotf. Lucy Gower from 100% Open explains how service design works to put users at the centre and how fab our ideas platform was
  15. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    #workforceotf @TripleSSSC combination of social service workers & designers is very powerful.
  16. RT @TripleSSSC: Dementia Diaries – can you take this project forward? #workforceotf
  17. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    #workforceotf @TripleSSSC Dementia Diary – helping people hold their own memories.
  18. LorraineSSSC
    Dementia diary – great presentation and great idea. Could be used in so many ways #workforceotf
  19. rias_ao1
    Dementia diary pitch complete. Delivered to 50 people-hoping 4 pilot. Big thanks to our designers who put together fab slides #workforceotf
  20. #workforceotf. Ghael and Angela present Blether-in. Using video calls to bring together early years services.
  21. BeccaV08
    “An excellent network and communication method for modern nurseries of the 21st century” bletherIn #workforceotf @sssc
  22. Getting back into communities with pop up social services aka ‘Wireless’ #workforceotf
  23. #workforceotf @TripleSSSC Wireless: bringing social service workers back 2 communities. Create a network of belonging
  24. LorraineSSSC
    Abby a social worker ‘wireless’ allows her to develop networks and resources in the community #workforceotf
  25. bruxinha_m
    @rias_ao1 #workforceotf great presentation and thank you designers for the fab work.
  26. #workforceotf @TripleSSSC Suzanne & Jamie present Positive Wiring – raising awareness of effects of abuse & neglect
  27. EllePats
    Like the positive wiring idea- Reminds me of old psychology days #workforceotf wonder if it could incorporate an intergenerational element?
  28. rias_ao1
    Positive wiring, positive people – great preventative idea and beautifully designed graphics in the presentation! #workforceotf
  29. #workforceotf @TripleSSSC Yours & Hours – making time banking work to enhance people & communities
  30. Yours and Hours. Making a difference in just an hour. Final presentation #workforceotf
  31. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    #workforceotf @TripleSSSC Time banking recreating the village. Value knowledge & skills. Create connections
  32. LorraineSSSC
    RT @AnnaFowlieSSSC: #workforceotf @TripleSSSC time banking to bridge the ingenuity gap. This is our time to re-think what kind of society we want
  33. realdcameron
    RT @AnnaFowlieSSSC: #workforceotf @TripleSSSC time banking to bridge the ingenuity gap. This is our time to re-think what kind of society we want
  34. OnTheSuperFly
    Five fantastic presentations @TripleSSSC #workforceotf #challenge – massive round of applause to each of teams and their presenters! :D
  35. LorraineSSSC
    RT @OnTheSuperFly: Five fantastic presentations @TripleSSSC #workforceotf #challenge – massive round of applause to each of teams and their presenters! :D
  36. Working on how the projects can be implemented #workforceotf
  37. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    #workforceotf @TripleSSSC Lots of energy & debate going into making these ideas happen. Positive vibes in room.
  38. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    #workforceotf @TripleSSSC Groups feeding back on how we’ll make the ideas happen.
  39. The feedback session was pretty slick which made keeping up with recording and uploading a bit of a challenge – consequently the audio is cropped on most of the beginnings but hopefully the team’s message is intact!
  40. TripleSSSC
    Glasgow Regeneration Agency will take forward Blether-in #workforceotf fantastic!
  41. TripleSSSC
    Dementia Diaries will be taken forward by both @alzscot and Scottish Borders Council #workforceotf
  42. TripleSSSC
    Positive Wiring will be taken forward by Moray Council with the support of the Care Inspectorate #workforceotf
  43. alzscot
    RT @TripleSSSC: Dementia Diaries will be taken forward by both @alzscot and Scottish Borders Council #workforceotf
  44. AnnaFowlieSSSC
    @TripleSSSC Thanks to all who participated in #workforceotf & all who agreed to adopt ideas: moray & borders councils, @alzscot and GRA.

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