Branding Safari

Apparently, if you want to design an icon or logo you could do worse than get help from primary aged kids. Children as young as 18months old have been known to recognise the golden arches of the worlds favourite fast food outlet! It makes sense that children would be image literate long before they are word literate so no wonder advertisers make every effort to capture that particular audience with strong visuals. Therefore, by the time kids start school they are already pretty savvy regarding logos.

So, in almost no time at all having suggested we find iconic symbols from the village, main suggestions from the children were the Smithy and the burn and the Smithy very quickly became a horse shoe. I took the decision to position it like a bridge rather than the traditional ‘lucky’ horse shoe – it just made more sense with the water running underneath.

I was personally intrigued by the shape of the school as we see it in the satellite images of Google Maps. It even appeared that the four points were exactly North, South, East and West and so it made sense that our ‘Safari’ logo, in some respects, resembled a compass.

So, here it is, as featured across all of our permanent QR Codes around Balmullo and my first logo collaboration with 25 seven year olds! I may have to call them in again!


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