It’s a word that can carry such damning connotations…

“Don’t use that on there it’s permanent!”, or “What have you done to you hair? Don’t tell me it’s perma… ”

Just me then..?

Well, today, permanent is my friend. Today I have a pile of QR Codes that will form a trail (what we like to call a Safari) around our village designed with the help of 25 munchkins from the local primary school. (see the link below)

Of course, permanent is only a screwdriver or a delinquent-teenager’s-cigarette-lighter away from temporary, but hey-ho, here we go!

Here for the first time is a peek at the logo that I designed, again under direction of the children, and it incorporates Balmullo icons such as a horse shoe (the Smithy), a burn (Burnside) and even the school (as you might see it on a map, from above). More about that another time…

For now, please stay tuned… the official opening of the Balmullo History QR Code Safari is coming soon!

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