Instagram : Instagram/Facebook

The uneasy alliance!

According to Mark Zuckerberg, turning down $15Billion from Microsoft (to buy Facebook) wasn’t that tough a decision. Turning down the $1Billion from Yahoo three years earlier was the real toughie!

Who could blame Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, let alone begrudge them, the offer of $1Billion for their company Instagram (from Facebook last month). And yet has there ever been such an emotive outcry from a community of users over a piece of software? Apparently there are users who have already thrown in the towel and closed their accounts… but what, I ask you, is the upside to that?

I’m of the opinion that lightning ‘can’ strike twice, particularly when it comes to ideas. So if Instagram becomes FaceCram or InstaBum then maybe I’ll call it a day, but I know that something else equally as good, if not unimaginably better, would come along and fire up our enthusiasm and loyalty once more.

For now, however, nothing has perceptibly changed at Instagram. Infact, I think I was more upset when the ‘sneakers’ disappeared last year! So, while the pic above illustrates my feelings on the takeover, at the same time I can’t help thinking “Good on yer Kevin and Mike“.

Followers of this blog and my previous blog (MysteryBoxes) will know I’m a big fan of the Instagram App and have used it as part of projects and games. I’m one of several million users who’ll be sticking around… at least until Instagram is no longer fun… but hopefully that day’ll never come!


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