Keep it simple with “Team Plank”


I witnessed this procedure while sat at the traffic lights on my way home one morning last week. I just loved the simplicity of it and thought it might be something to include in a future slide presentation under the title of ‘keep it simple’…

Maybe i’m being naive but if you’d asked be 2 mins earlier I probably would have expected a crane or a cherry picker to get this job done, but there they were, three men and a plank.
A big stack of planks actually, but they made light work of them.

Any of us can be guilty of over complicating our process from time to time but here was a realworld example of three fellas doing what they know… effectively.
Plenty of lessons for the “Labourer” and “Forman” alike, but here are the most obvious three that sprang to my simple mind:

“Team Plank”
: They’ve done this before and, clearly, it works – let them get on with it…
Team work: Everyone in the team is equally essential, regardless of their role…
Keep it simple: Job done!

There is bound to be something far more profound that has passed me by so feel free to expound below…


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