Digital Dighty

Dighty Burn is a stretch of water that runs right through the City of Dundee, running from its source in the Sidlaws through to it’s mouth at Tay Estuary in Monifieth.

To say that Dighty has a history is a massive understatement. It has witnessed the ever changing face of Scotland’s fourth largest City, seen the rise and fall of the jute mills, entertained countless children through several wars and now, with the benefit of applications like Google Earth it’s clear to see how it’s course has even shaped the way Dundonians navigate their city.

Dighty Connect are an environmental group who ‘look out’ for the Dighty. They clean it out, they organise guided tours along it’s banks, perform street theatre and document it’s continuing existence.

With no home for some of the digital content I had pitched the idea of a permanent QR trail to direct people to relevant content while they are in the very location that inspired it’s creation.

The project has been many months in the making but steady progress has been made and very soon we’ll be looking for volunteers to test and feedback on what we have – if you are interested please leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch.

Here for the first time the project logo is revealed!

This particular bunch of photos were taken late last week as I met with Dighty Connect staff to discuss the initial QR site to be tested. Remember, if you’re local (ish) and want to get involved with testing then please let us know below! (UPDATE: You don’t have to be a QR Code specialist to take part, just keen! :)) For more information on QR Codes go here and for more Dighty info go here!


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