Who’s the One?

I’ve blogged previously about some work experience that I and three other MDes graduates took part in with TaylorHaig on their Dundee Total Place project. In that post you’ll find the video that I edited together focusing on part of our process as designers, on the streets of Dundee interviewing, capturing information from the source.

Here’s another cut, similar to the previous one but focusing now on some of the responses to the question we asked, “Who’s the One?”

The videos are a taste of how we can illustrate to stakeholders (who can’t always be with us while we’re out) the sense of reality that we feel when we engage with these young people. For obvious reasons we can’t (don’t want) to reveal specific names, faces or even voices. The video, audio and photography captured is always on that understanding and that encourages the openness that we need and have received.

For illustration purposes I’m always looking for ways of documenting this process in a way that captures the immediacy of the environment and the people we are speaking to without resorting to ‘scarey’ ‘TV News’ silhouettes and voice overs.

The subjects in the video were approached cold on the street, involvement is on their terms and responses are not forced or prepared. If they agree we then produce the camera and take notes. It’s important to us that they write the name of ‘the One’ themselves and capturing that moment, through video or photography, can produce personal and powerful moments. Infinitely more powerful than the scrawl of a designer.

So these videos are an attempt at finding a style that illustrates all of those things: reality, immediacy and security. I welcome your comments.


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