‘Sharp’ dressed logo…

…with an Edge!

Ego? No, just bad puns.
Here’s a preview of a logo I’ve been working on for Sharp Edge, a Creative Consultancy of Process Designers and Visual Artists in Dundee. More information will be forthcoming very soon with the launch of their website. I’ll also be blogging about projects that I’ve been involved in with them recently and plans for the future.

So what you can see above is the logo in a context – I always feel underwhelmed when I see new logos out of context and these days I don’t think anyone designs a logo without considering how it’s going to be used and what the possible contexts could be.

Below is the logo with the text stripped out… and it maybe gives you a sense of the design process…

The challenge was to create something that looked handmade and creative but with a sense of precision. While there were several alternatives along the way this is where I ended up and I hope something of that original intent is visible in the final piece.


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