Mystery Box Safari

For the past year or so I’ve been characterising QR Codes as ‘Mystery Boxes’. I maintain that once you know what a QR Code does, if you see another one, then you’ll ‘need’ to know what’s behind it!

That is of course unless the first experience was particularly underwhelming, in which case the magic has been lost and you’ll have no interest whatsoever. I believe this is why so many people are proclaiming ‘the QR Code is dead!’ Simply put, on their own, QR Codes are not the saviour of marketing and advertising… but used QReatively they CAN be a charming and engaging experience that will draw users back time after time.

treehouse qr scan

So, today I had a great meeting with the local Primary school to get a community project off the ground in the next few weeks and create a QR story/history trail around our village. We’ll start by seeing how QR Codes work by making some out of chocolate buttons (always a winner) and then get on with the serious business of a ‘QR hunt’ game before we settle into building our QR Safari!

Stay posted…

PS: If you still think the QR Code is dead, please keep your tongue firmly in your cheek and go here ;)


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