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We have a number of media solutions for you, the foundation of each being storytelling.


Capture, edit and share video using the powerhouse movie studio in your pocket. And by that I mean your phone, just in case that wasn’t clear…


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I help people harness the value of consciously understanding and telling their brand story…

Social Media

See what projects I’ve been working on recently for the V&A Dundee, NHS Tayside, and personal projects and more…

“Jon has been wonderfully flexible and dedicated despite the challenges of filming in a museum where installs were still underway!”

Catrina Ball, V&A Dundee August 2020

“A BIG THANK YOU to Jon for the #madeonamobile webinar and sharing his film making skills to enable artists to create their great introduction videos.”

Caron Ironside, Perthshire Creates July 2020

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Jon Gill


Jon Gill is an award-winning filmmaker with 30 years experience in the creative industries including:
graphic design,
brand development,
social media,
podcasting &
service design.


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Filmmakers give ears and eyes to an audience. Enabling them to hear and to see.

They present an opinion; tell your story.
Frame you with the lens; make you articulate in the edit. And in sharing your story, provide you with a platform.

And sometimes that’s absolutely okay.

But that story can also look and feel like a picture on a wall, unbalanced, not sitting straight. The filmmaker, subconsciously or otherwise, brought themselves along for the ride!


 The picture is yours but the frame is theirs. The voice is yours but the filter is theirs.
The platform is yours, but the amplifier is theirs.

Few things are as ubiquitous and accessible as the mobile phone.
And yet this pocket movie studio has the power to make YOU the STORYTELLER. 

It can capture YOUR point of view – YOUR voice; share YOUR opinion.

Honest. Meaningful. Authentic.